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Sailing is incredibly dear to our hearts here at Southern Charter; our sponsorship and promotion of the sport is integral to who we are as a business too. Whether it’s dinghy racing, youth sailing, the Southern Charter Grand Slam Series or our work with the Race Ahead Foundation, we’re committed to fostering the development and excellence of South African sailors, young and old.

Over the years our support has evolved from the Western Cape Inter Schools Regatta, the SAS Youth Nationals and the 4.7 Laser Youth World Championships, to Southern Charter’s Grand Slam Series and our sponsorships of Olympians Roger Hudson and Asenathi Jim.

Our logic, however, has remained unchanged. Whether you’re out on the open water, or navigating unchartered seas financially, you need the same invaluable skillsets.

Being independent and taking responsibility, consistently striving to outperform others and yourself. Setting goals and working together as a team to meet them. Being tactical, unconstrained and strategic in your thinking and planning. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and those of others. Knowing how to stay ahead in an ever-changing environment, knowing when to change course and stay fast. These are just some of things we’ve gained from sailing, and which, through our sponsorship, we hope to share with others.


The RaceAhead Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town and also founded by David & Roger Hudson in 2008. The Foundation provides opportunities and assistance to young South African sailors with promising talent and motivation, but who lack the resources and support to chase their sailing dreams and life goals with full confidence. Find out more on their website

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