Portfolio Management Services

Through our affiliate, Southern Charter Wealth Management Pty Ltd, we can offer portfolio management services to those who wish to delegate the day to day investment decisions to professional managers.

Minimum investment is R5 million.

Institutional Money Market Unit Trust Funds

Funds are available which enable investors to participate in the yields obtainable from fully managed, diversified portfolios of high quality institutional money market instruments. These portfolios offer three month rates on a daily call basis. All, or any part, of the investment can be redeemed on the same day, if the instruction is given before 10am. Minimum investment is R1 million.

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Unit Trust Funds

Our life cycle risk profiled unit trust funds make it simple for investors who are not sure how much risk they want and when to change their portfolios. Younger investors with longer time horizons can afford to take higher risk with capital growth as the major objective, while older investors closer to retirement require lower risk with capital preservation as their major objective. Our funds provide risk management, diversification and professional management in a single investment.

Tax Advantaged Investments

Tax Advantaged Investments offer two important benefits. They avoid the double taxation of corporate and personal income taxes and they frequently offer tax-deferred current income. Tax advantaged investments are available for almost any income level and can meet the full range of investment objectives.

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