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We offer tailor made portfolio management services designed specifically for you, your wants and needs, your tolerance for risk and particular investment objectives.

Our experienced team of professional portfolio managers will actively manage your portfolios for you, handling all of your day-to-day investment decisions and giving you the time to focus on what is most important, valuable and meaningful to you.

These services are available to clients with investments of R5 million or more.

flagship lifecycle unit trust range

Most South Africans want to start investing, but don’t know where to begin. They lack a clear understanding of how to translate their financial goals into sound, performing investment decisions best suited to them, their life stage, wants and needs. And, even more so, how to manage and update these on an ongoing basis in response to changes in our lives and environments.

We offer three age-specific, risk-profiled, diversified investment portfolios: the Growth, Balanced and Defensive funds. This flagship range is one of the top multi-asset class risk-profiled ranges in South Africa.

We’ve removed all of the complexity for you. All you need to consider is how far away from retirement you are. Our experienced team will handle the rest

Tax Advantaged Investments

Tax Advantaged Investments offer two important benefits. They avoid the double taxation of corporate and personal income taxes and they frequently offer tax-deferred current income. Tax advantaged investments are available for almost any income level and can meet the full range of investment objectives.

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