Case Studies


Adidas was one of our first clients when we launched the business 1989, and it’s a relationship that we’re proud to maintain to this day. Our first initiative was a complete overhaul of their remuneration packages and employee benefit provisions.

With their employee’s wellbeing firmly in mind we, together with Adidas’ senior management, completely reframed and restructured the way that their staff understood their employee benefits. We helped them transform what was seen as purely a salary deduction to the valued mechanism through which each staff member could achieve financial security and wellbeing throughout their lives thanks to a comprehensive and rewarding benefits structure that prized achievement and ensured employee loyalty.

Our revolutionised and modernised approach included one of the first tax-advantaged unit trust linked provident funds in South Africa in the 1980’s. Over the years we have continued to strengthen our relationship with Adidas and their employees and are proud to have played our part in helping their staff achieve financial liberation.


We developed a world-class remuneration and staff retention strategy tailor made to Disney South Africa’s needs, and approved by both Disney Paris and Disney USA.

Through comprehensive benefits, a competitive and compelling approach to remuneration and our ongoing assistance and financial advice, we assisted Disney in achieving their primary goal: retaining key, value-adding employees for the long-term. 


Another of our longest standing relationships is with Marketing powerhouse TBWA. Over the years we have assisted them with completely overhauling their employee benefit portfolio ensuring that it is tax- and cost-efficient, compelling and comprehensive, and appropriate to their business and employee objectives at every stage.

Some of the key interventions that we made have included introducing a cost-efficient and transparent web-based administration system for their staff; resolving legal surplus issues; implementing and managing our bespoke risk-profiled, lifecycle investment strategy; saving them over R1.5 million on risk benefits by effective brokering; and implementing and monitoring ongoing Financial wellbeing educational workshops for all of their employees.

Through our personal and professional relationships with each and every staff member we built employee trust, morale and lead to an increase in performance and productivity improving their bottom line.

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