Case Studies


In 1989, we assisted the then newly appointed Managing Director restructure remuneration packages and the company employee benefit provisions changing, the view the employee had of their benefits spend from just being a cost, to being a valued asset and part of a remuneration package designed to reward achievement and encourage loyalty. The newly designed tax efficient package included one of the first tax advantaged unit trust linked provident funds. We believe our intervention assisted the managing director and his team achieve their corporate financial goals.


Staff retention strategy. We developed a world class remuneration strategy designed to retain key employees. A strategy approved by both Disney Paris and Disney USA.


We repackaged the entire employee benefit portfolio. Introduced a cost efficient transparent web based administration system. Resolved legal surplus issues. Implemented and manage Lifecycle risk profiled investment strategy. Tax effective, cost efficient risk benefits. Saved over R1.5 million on risk benefit costs by effective broking. Implemented and monitor on-going Financial Education programs. With personal service we built staff trust, morale and ultimately increased performance which lead to increased bottom line profit.

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