Rules of Thumb for Wealth Creation

Rules of thumb are basic guidelines that you can use when making decisions about how to spend and save your money to help you acheive financial independence.

Think about the financial decisions that you make on a regular basis. These are most often habitual or impulsive, like buying a coffee on your way to work every morning, or blowing your budget when you're out with friends. Over time our brain comes to expect and model our behaviours and uses shortcuts called 'heuristics' to guide our thinking and acting when we're tired, or too busy or distracted to actively think about and make every small decision ourselves. We've designed these 'rules of thumb' to help you rewire your behaviours, to keep you on your course to true financial liberation.

Short, simple and easy to remember, this basic framework can provide you with the tools that you need to take control of your financial life and create wealth over the long-term. 

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